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Exploring (again) Valsugana and the river Brenta

Cycling day 10/73 km ~ From Bassano del Grappa to Roncegno Terme

So staying at the paragliders campingsite was great as I had a chat in the morning with the guys from the evening before – but now I’m sure I do not want to learn paragliding 😁

The sun was shining, the tent was dry after a horrible night and so I continued my journey. Of course I had a look to the ancient town of Bassano del Grappa...

And coincidentally I found the oldest bakery in town and bought a really good tasting bread freshly made.

Leaving Bassano del Grappa you have to cross the famous bridge – unfortunately it’s under construction…like two years ago on my way to Rome it was outstanding to visit it.

From Bavaria to Rome (2016)

Entering the valley of the river Brenta you experience an outstanding beauty of nature…and against the weatherforecast the sun was shining…

But – as the routine teached me already – after the sun comes some rain…after midday having had my lunch it started again to rain for a short while but this day I wasn’t as good in form like the other days.

So I’ve decided to take a room instead of a night in the tent and did so on the Agriturismo – they’ve got both and everything as perfect maintained.

Agriturismo Montibeller in Roncegno Terme

On the highway to Gibraltar – EuroVelo 8

Cycling day 9/29 km ~ From Grado to Bassano del Grappa

So after a relaxing day I’ve started again from my first big stop in Grado to Cermignano to hop on the train to Bassano del Grappa. This was to spare some time as it would have been 225 km to go.

On the cyclepath I’ve followed today – the EuroVelo 8 – you can cycle from Athens to Gibraltar – unbelievable. So this trip was made by Andrew P. Sykes, a teacher from London and he wrote a book about this journey.

Along the med on a bike called reggie

So on my way to the trainstation I passed by Aquileia which was great again.

So starting in Grado I’ve had a wonderful weather. At the station I’ve a met a german cyclist couple on their way back home. So we arrived at Venezia-Mestre where I’ve had to change the train – and it was raining like cats and dogs, also with thunderstorms.

It changed a little bit and in Bassano del Grappa there were only clouds. So I’ve managed to reach the campingsite, built up my tent – and than it started to rain 😂

At this site is situated next to a perfect paragliding spot and it’s well-known in Europe for the good conditions.

I met some paragliders and we went into the restaurant next to the campingsite. It was again raining like cats and dogs with thunderstorms – unbelievable! So my small tent did a really good job!